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April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012



The purpose of Community Tranformation is to serve the church and nations in sharing God’s love, discipling and equipping the needy, the less privileged, the marginalized, the catastrophically affected and the next generation as transformational leaders.


Our Vision is to see India liberated from unrighteousness, oppression, ignorance, corruption and poverty with transformed communities, holistically developed, self sustained people of honor and dignity in every culture as God created them.

Core values

  1. Transparency and integrity
  2. Egalitarian and excellence
  3. Self reliant and self sustained
  4. Interdependence and synergy
  5. Transformational and Word centered
  6. Culture and people sensitive

Sections under Administration

  • Homes
  • Sewing School
  • Dr. Gupta Medical center
  • Dr. Gupta Dental center
  • Dr. Gupta Community College
  • Kinder Kare
  • Economic Development Center


HBI homes exist to provide education and to meet the basic needs of the orphan children of our society and empower them to become Christian leaders of our nation at various levels and various needs.

Our commitment is…
1. To care for the children’s physical, spiritual, educational, emotional and social growth.
2. To care for those who are struggling in their studies by giving extra tutorial help for them.
3. To enable the children in completing their 10th grade and to undergo one year Bible training in the Emmanuel Bible institute at Tenkasi. This period of one year truly helps them to know God’s plan in their lives and helps them move from dependency on people to dependency on God.
HBI has 3 homes in Chennai and one in Kanyakumari under the direct leadership of HBI with 23 children. All our children are educated in good English medium schools. Three of our HBI Homes were registered in Social Welfare department under the Government of Tamil Nadu as per the Juvenile Justice Act. HBI girl’s home is in the process of getting registered in Social Welfare Department.

We have the privilege of having short-term teams with an objective to give love and personal care to our children. Our children have the benefit of seeing God at work in the lives of people who are different and coming from different backgrounds. The teams come and spend time with our children and communicate that they are special and made in the image of God. Apart from this, they are also taught handicrafts, new songs and Bible truths.


Young teens, young girls and housewives residing in and around HBI, come to our sewing school to develop their skill, so that they may get some job to earn a living or to add income to their family. We are conducting 4 batches per day in flexible timings to accommodate housewives and part time students. This sewing school is also another method to teach and introduce Jesus to women who do not know him. Job orders for uniform were taken for our home children and Dr. Gupta Matriculation school children as well as for outsiders.


Dr. Gupta Community college was started on July 15th 2011 with 5 students. But slowly the admission increased to 15 students for DTP Course. The Concept of community college, aims at empowerment or maximizing the human potential of the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged sections of the society. It promotes skills development. It makes people fit for life and job. Community college is a community effort collaborating with industry, employees and community leaders. It teaches life skills, communication skills, English, computing skill, work skills, hands on experience, preparation for employment; in other words it is an education for lively hood and capacity building. It serves the motto “Including the excluded and giving the Best to the Least”. People refer this to the education system as discovery channel, where it helps an individual to discover his/her talents and capacities.
Courses offered
Diploma in Desk top Publishing (DTP)
Diploma in Fashion Designing (DFGM)
Diploma in Hard ware (DHN)
Diploma in pre-primary teachers training (DPPT)

Internship and Placement

Internship placements were fixed for all the students during the month of May. All of them gained lot of experience and confidence during the internship. Most of them were employed in the same place where they completed the internship.  

DTP students
Name of the companies

Number of students

Deepam Hospital


Meiporul printing


Ravi printing press


Olympic cards



Dr. Gupta Medical Center provides medical care and opportunities to share the gospel to the local residents within 2kms radius from Kellys. A junior doctor and a senior Doctor (govt. retired) with 26 years of experience work in the clinic as senior consultant.  
The center is also well equipped to give emergency medical care to adults and children, having facilities for oxygen administration and nebulizer. Nearly 100 immunizations for infants and children were utilized in spite of government facility in the vicinity.


God enabled us to inaugurate Dr. Gupta Dental clinic on 1st July 2011 in the presence of HBI board members. God has blessed with a latest highly equipped dental chair in the clinic, along with an X-ray machine and new suction motor. The Dental chair is fully automatic and highly equipped with latest techniques. Dr. Seema Mathew has graciously consented to be the consulting doctor.


The Kinder Kare at the HBI campus renders service to the local community. Current year strength is 35. Our goal is to offer help to the working parents by taking care of their children from 8:30 am to 6pm.  We have children from the age group of 2-5 yrs attending our Kinder Kare. The children have various activities in their curriculum and they are taught rhymes, alphabets, chorus, bible stories, colors, shapes etc., and much more to all this, every month they have a moral value and a small bible verse to be learnt. Many Moral stories based on that month value is taught to the children. Once in a week, the children are taken out for a nature walk inside the campus. Every month, progress report and the diary are sent to the parents to keep them updated on the activities of the children at the crèche.


EDC is now functioning as retreat center with regular programs like training of pastors, fasting prayers, retreats for the rescued bonded labors, VBS training, cultural training for street children with several other programs.  At least 4 programs per month are held at EDC. 
Candle making process was started during the month of February. We are planning to outsource the candles to shops and churches. It was just started in a small scale basis with one kg of wax and later on planning to shift it to larger scale, once it has demand in the market. As a process of income generation, vegetable seeds like brinjal, raddish, ladyfinger, greens, green chilies, pumpkin are sown and growing well.

HBI Department
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  • For Seminars and Training Sessions
  • For Christian Leaders' rest and recuperation
  • To read or to write thesis or books
  • A camp site for 25 people or a small gruop of 5 families
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