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April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
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From President's Desk

Dear Friends,

We are living in a period of great receptivity to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is exciting to live in this era where the opportunities are boundless to demonstrate the love and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. People are responding to the Gospel all over the world especially in the nation of India. It is very encouraging to be part of what the Lord is doing in India. God has called us to an awesome task of winning people and creating an awareness of how they can live in a dynamic relationship with Christ.

Hindustan Bible Institute & College has been in existence since 1952 and it was specifically founded for the purpose of reaching the unreached people of India through the development of indigenous leadership in the context of nationalization. In transition from Colonialism to the new era of nationalization, the Church was challenged with the need for a large number of leaders to fill the responsibility God was passing on to the national Church. Our commitment is to build transformational leaders to disciple our nation.

Over the sixty years, God has helped us to understand the process of leadership development. We have formal, non-formal, informal and cross cultural training program offered through both HBI Chennai and our 7 Regional training centers all over the nation. A few years ago God brought to our attention the need to develop next generation transformational leaders so that the children, Teens and young people can be developed as transformational leaders. So we are also working on developing next gen. transformational leaders through Schools, orphanages, Child development centers and equipping of “trainers of trainers”.

We are so thankful to the Lord for what He has done through the ministries of HBI. In the last 60 years God has helped us graduate over 9,500 men and women, plant over 4,500 churches, disciple over 350,000 people, equip and envision over 100,000 pastors, church planters and Christian workers. We are thankful to the Lord for giving us opportunities to share the Gospel with over 3 million people. Praise the Lord!

Our vision is to see a dynamic transformational worshipping community in every village and colony of every town and city of India.

As we continue to trust the Lord and watch Him do great and wonderful things, we ask you to continue to pray for us and support our ministries to help us accomplish the vision through the development of men and women who are called to the task of fulfilling the mission of God.

Praying for you and may the Lord bless you.

Rev.Dr. Paul R Gupta
President & Director
History Of HBI

The Hindustan Bible Institute was established in 1952 by the late Dr. Paul V. Gupta, a converted Hindu. Having secured a saving knowledge of Christ, he had a thriving compassion for the perishing souls in India. Moved by this need, he felt the call of God to surrender his life for the purpose of reaching the people of India for Christ. To fulfill this purpose, he incorporated into his strategy a training program to equip young men and women to take the Word of God to the unreached people of India and beyond. Through the integration of the training program, he also developed a meaningful outreach program. He incorporated a program of social betterment for Indians. These structures were focused towards the salvation and betterment of the whole man.

The Hindustan Bible Institute was started in an unpretentious building, housing 5 students. Today, the Hindustan Bible Institute and college is on a landscape of about ten acres of land having thus far prepared over 9000 young men and women who are presently serving the Lord faithfully all over the nation and in all continents- rendering effective ministry to ecclesiastical, educational, para ecclesiastical, missiological and sociological structures. This evidently reveals the unique and significant role that HBI plays in the vineyard of the Lord.


We want to see a dynamic transformational church in every village and colony of every town and city of India.


HBI exists to give every person an opportunity to hear, understand and respond to the Gospel and be discipled into communities of believers within their own context, so that, Christ is radiated in everything they do.

Core Values


It is not about us. HBI Ministries are about God. All we do is to be God-centered, God-directed, & God-focused, bringing glory to Him above all else. We are eager to know God’s presence, hear His voice and follow after Him. (Psalm 63:1-4) We want to make God the center of all our attention and endeavors. (Mark 12:29-30; Deuteronomy 5:6, 11; Psalm 145).


We accept the Bible as the authoritative source that sets the standard and provides the foundational principles for all that we do. We desire to be transformed, taught, renewed, challenged, strengthened & empowered individually and corporately by seeing God’s word rightly applied in our lives and ministries by the Holy Spirit.


We are committed to developing passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Christ is both our example and strength as we pursue integrity, excellence, faith, hope and love in our life and work. As followers of Christ, we strive to be a transforming community dedicated to Christ like love, servant-hood, holiness, and obedience to the Father. We believe that following Christ’s example means sacrifice, sometimes hardship and possibly even death.


We are committed to the urgent and unfinished task of making disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations. We are committed to a mission that flows out of God’s love for the world and our compassion for people. It is our desire to actually see the kingdom of God become a reality in India and beyond. In doing this we desire to work in loving, trusting, interdependent relationships with churches and other partners who share our vision.


We confess our dependency on the Holy Spirit to control and empower our lives and ministry so we reflect His courage, righteousness and fruit in our relationship at home, society, ministry and church. As we experience God’s leadership and power, we exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in all of our relationships in our homes, churches, organization and in our communities.


HBI as an organization exists to serve local congregations. We believe that the local church is the primary instrument God uses to accomplish his purposes in the world. Therefore, we are committed to fostering church planting movements, equipping local churches to become healthy, growing, and multiplying and mobilizing churches to accomplish the Great Commission.


We believe that people matter to God. Therefore all people matter to us. We want to serve people from all communities, races, castes, classes, genders and languages. We are inclusive, caring and relevant without compromising the principles of the Word and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

Leadership Through Next Generation Emerging Leaders

It is estimated about 50% (over 550 million) of India’s population is under the age of25. By 2020, 61% of Indians will be under the age of 35, i.e. about 780 million Indians. Building transformational leadership for the future to lead the nation and the church has to lead the nation and the church has to be viewed with this reality and challenge in mind.

HBI is working on seeing that the baton is being passed on to the next generation and is also building  leadership  for the future by focusing on both the next generation and the generations to follow.

HBI involved in training the next generation by focusing on the age group of 25 and above by passing on the vision and skills to disciple the nation.

It is also working on the future generation by training those from 0 to 18 in schools as transformation leaders with values for the generations to come.

Leadership Development Through Informal Training Program

India is the second largest nation in the world and will soon become the largest nation in the world.  No one movement in the nation will be disciple and every people group is to be reached with the establishment of a worshiping community then we need the whole church to disciple the whole nation.

HBI has developed a strategy to mobilize the church and to build leadership in the local church. The method used to equip the saints is an informal method of training. The program serves the many emerging church planters who have never been to Bible colleges or seminaries. The informal training program is specially designed and architectured from the needs expressed by the emerging leaders.

Since 1987, God enabled HBI to envision over 72,000 workers in 26 states of India and developed 320 district movements that are involved in a district level strategy to disciple the nation.

In 1987, it was estimated that India had 25,000 leaders with 114,000 churches. But after the mobilization efforts initiated by HBI, God began to move His church and enabled the nation to see over 300, 000 leaders and over 600,000 churches planted through out India.

The Informal training programs are co-ordinated through HBI Regional training centers that offer various need based contextualized training , equip men , women , young people to serve through their local churches to disciple people, plant churches where no church and exist and become great commission churches.

We have Regional Training centers at:

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh /Jaipur, Rajasthan /Siliguri, West Bengal /K.Kota, Andhra Pradesh* / Dimapur, Nagaland Nagpur, Maharashtra / Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu / Hubli, Karnataka* /Aurangabad, Maharashtra* / Kutch, Gujarat * / Tarigopala, Andhra Pradesh*

*Training centers under construction.


Leadership Development Through Non-Formal Training Program

India has over 600,000 villages. Each of these villages will require a church for every 1000 people in every people group in the community. Most church planters trained in the formal training program never come back to the village. To disciple these villages we need to develop church planters and pastor leaders who will not get dislocated from the community.

The non-formal training process is engaged in equipping  gross root village church planters on the field and short term residential training to gain competency in understanding the Word, sharing of their faith, discipling the lost, establishing contextual worshipping community where there are no churches. It is uniquely designed to develop indigenous leaders to build contextual churches through out the nation.

The trainees are equipped through a process – first as evangelists, then as church planters and finally as indigenous pastor leaders through a systematic non-formal training program. It requires 20% of class room experience and  80% of the training on the field.

This program has seen over 700 church planters trained and in 25 years they have planted over 4,000 churches and discipled over 250,000 to the Lord

Praise the Lord.


Leadership Development  Through cross cultural missionary Training program

India has 4,693 ethnically distinct people groups of which about 4,100 of then still remain unreached/unchurched. If the church is going to make any significant progress, efforts must be taken to specially train and develop cross-cultural missionaries for our nation.

The purpose of our cross-cultural missionary training is to equip national missionaries to develop effective church planting movements among people group.

The strategy is to gain access by bulling bridges into community and gaining acceptance to establish relation-ships; learning their language understanding.

To communicate the Gospel; discioling the community to Christ and raise leaders among the people group to lead and establish the church planting movement.

It aims at developing local leadership for the newly emerging church so that it will result in developing a context ally led run and mobilized worshiping community to reach the rest of their neighboring people groups.

Its vision is to see church planting movements among the unreached people groups that develop indigenous leaders and contextual worshiping communities that are biblical, healthy, and reproducing transformational people movements in India and beyond.   

Leadership Development Building partnership with the global church to disciple the undetached

Since 1985, the world has moved from the focus of nationalization to Globalization in colonization the church was birthed in dependence and in nationalization we learned to be independent but in Globalization we are realizing that God wants to move the church to interdependent.

By facilitating partnerships with the global church towards fulfilling the great commissions. HBl co-ordinates short term teams form differen countries and engages their skills. Abilities
And great and giftedness to further efforts of developing national
Our vision is to inspire the global church to develop leaders and leader and fulfilling the great commission widen their world view of mission. While using their spiritual gifts. Skills and resources to disciple the peoples in the 10\40 window.

Boundless opportunities!!!

  1. Teaching Team – special seminars, training pastors, evangelists and church planters, Bible women. Young people. , child workers, teaching at the college, speaking in chapel services
  2. Music and Drama team – in schools, colleges, orphanages, home for the aged
  3. Children team – in orphanages, child development centers, day care centers, primary schools and high school.
  4. Medical team - village medical clinics, medical check up for orphanage children, school children, senior citizens, training on health awareness
  5. Construction team – networks, system administration, software development, IT related training, web designing, server administration
  6. Other specialists- speaking to executives and professionals, sporting of small businesses

And many more opportunities to serve the Lord



An Interdenominational and Evangelical Seminary, Accredited by ATA
Invites Application from Committed Christians and Qualified Persons in and around Kilpauk, Anna Nagar for the following position:

  1. Faculity – Ph.D in Old Testament, Ph.D in New Testament & Ph.D in Mission.
  2. Matul Co-ordinator – MSW
  3. Legal Advisor – Bachelor of Law with experience.
  4. Director of Facilities
  5. Administrator
Please apply with your C.V. via email hr@hbionline.org or the following address;

Ph. No. 044-26421199, 26423758, 26428501


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  • For Seminars and Training Sessions
  • For Christian Leaders' rest and recuperation
  • To read or to write thesis or books
  • A camp site for 25 people or a small gruop of 5 families
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