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April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 21, 2012


The Personnel Department exists to recruit competent personnel, provide the best benefits, and develop the human resource in knowledge, skills and Christ like character to render the highest performance to God.

The Personnel Department:

  • Identifies and recruits competent and committed people.
  • Upgrades their knowledge and skills by providing training.
  • Reviews the work performance to enhance the effectiveness and render high performance.
  • Reviews and builds the benefit packages and makes necessary recommendations for improvement.
  • Administers the pay roll, attendance, leave, medical and smooth functioning of the organization.
  • Handles all legal and Government matters.
  • Sections under Administration

Information Technology and Service Centre

The ITSC section exists to glorify God in serving as a catalyst to empower the ministries of HBI with effective and user friendly MIS, utilizing and providing the best available resources in current technologies at par globally to reach the world for Christ.

This section under Personnel Department empowers various ministries of HBI by introducing technology and helps the organization to be on the cutting edge to serve globally in reaching the unreached for Christ.

Accounts Section

The Finance Section exists to glorify God in Developing and Managing resources entrusted to the mission with highest level of integrity and prudence to enable and empower the various structures to fulfill its mission of discipling the nation.

The Accounts Section:

  • Maintains double entry system of accounts for the entire Organization.
  • Regularly files audited account statements to both Central and State Governments concerned departments.
  • Sends regular reports to donors.
  • Makes sure of Cost effectiveness to control expenditure.

 Communication Section

The Communication Section exists to serve the ministries of HBI by providing required audiovisual solutions and generating resources to support the local community.

The function of this section includes…

  • To maintain the existing systems in HBI
  • To service them and keep them in best use
  • To provide systems when needed by the outsiders, also helping them when not sufficient by hiring and supplying them.
  • To make the best use of them to conduct programs and collect funds through them.
  • All the programs are covered in a video and displayed during presentation.
  • Gives a better idea about the functioning of HBI to sponsors and supporters.
  • All the day to day happenings are recorded for improving the functioning of HBI.

Liaison Section

The Liaison and legal Section exists to secure the assets of HBI, liaising with the tenants for income generation, monitoring its accessibilities with the Government Departments and educating the concerned personnel on legal aspects in order to facilitate the fulfillment of the great commission. 

The Liaison Section handles all legal and Government matters connected to HBI.

Food and Beverage

This section

  • Provides sumptuous, clean and healthy food for the staff and ministers to the various needs of the department.
  • Serves good quality food for both national and international ministry teams.
  • Cafeteria is being equipped to serve on a large scale, good and quality food with varieties of dishes.

Facilities Department

The Facilities Department exists to serve and provide a clean, beautiful, lush and comfortable ambience which will uphold the works of HBI.

The function of this section includes…

  • Edifying strong, safe, secure infrastructure and facilities.
  • Repairs, general and preventive maintenance.
  • Civil projects.
  • Being the Masters powerful, skilful and ‘cutting edge’ tool in creative, restorative, regenerative and proactive enterprise.
  • Facilitating fluid mobility of operations.
  • Being prudent, faithful stewards and distributors of God’s resources and creating an exemplary environment for giving praise, honour and glory to God.
  • Campus cleaning, beautification and Physical arrangements.
  • Hardware stores management, vehicles management and security management
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  • For Seminars and Training Sessions
  • For Christian Leaders' rest and recuperation
  • To read or to write thesis or books
  • A camp site for 25 people or a small gruop of 5 families
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