Department of Networking

On-going projects


We network with national and internationals, to serve alongside to advance the kingdom of God

Prayer Mobilisation

We envision and equip people to have awareness to mobilize prayer, start prayer groups & develop prayer partners to bring lives to know the love of God.

Children Ministry

We minister lives through relevant strategies and bring them to relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ by serving in School, Colleges, Communities, Organizations and Churches.

Care & Counselling

We cultivate skills, awareness and promote mental well-being through Counselling, Trainings, and Seminars using biblical truths towards discipling and train potential counsellors among students, teachers, parents & staff of HBI

Community Development

We identify communities and develop relationship through projects like tuition centre, health & wellness, women empowerment to result in discipling people for the transformation of the communities.


We disciple children, teens, youth, men and women to become disciple makers through a well-planned discipling process.

Staff & Resource Development

We train and equip the staff to impart skills on media, counselling & communication, and raise support the department through various strategies like sales programs, registrations & donations.

Department Publications

  • Grief Management
  • Stress Management
  • Home Management
  • Health Management
  • Yearly Curriculum for Regular Follow-up Ministry for Children.

Special Programs

  • Various competitions like memory verse, drawing, craft, oratorical, singing and essay writing for children, teens and youth from schools, churches and at HBI.
  • Care & Counsellings and training counsellors.
  • Prayer partners get-together.

Long Term Goals

  • To mobilize prayer and empower 5,000 people to have awareness and to bring 50,000 lives to know & come to the love of God.
  • To disciple 5,000 men, women, boys and girls through relevant strategies through regular follow-up process